|| New Year greeting to all of you ||

In this New Year stick to your spirtual practice for the self-devlopment of others as well as yours with renewed vigour and vivacity, impulse and exuberance. Accept that this is your duty as well as Dharma that shall lead you to the goal. To counduct yourslef with this approach is your austerity and spirtual effort. When you proceed this way, you may come across many adverse situations. Never get disheartened ar depressed. Adversities enhance and strenthen your ability. it must be remembered that the more one has undergone sufferings, the more eligible one becomes to recevie God's blessing. Remember that suffering and pains are the ornaments of the lovers of God. The more the sufferings, the more one shines with beauty.

Go ahead. Never retreat. Guru is always by your side and noticing your deeds and determination. Dibyadarshan is God's Manifestation, Law and Will. Observance of this Law amounts to acting according to Gods will. The more an aspirant follows this law; to that extent he is dutiful, pious and virtuous. By dint of these Virtues, he shall realise his true self. There is no doubt about it. Do not bother whether in this life span you whould acheive or not. Day or night each is a mile-stone. The more one progresses, the more he whould be near to the goal. Keep this thought in mind that you are definetely progressing. Wealth, properties, perstige and fame are all transient. Whatever is done for self -realisation is permanent, auspicious and nectarineas it includes the subject matter of personal living, peaceful social living as well as self-realisation, all in one.

Please convey my heartiest good wishes and blessing to all spirtual aspirants and try to keep the light of Dibyadarshan ablaze.

Translated by - R. N. Mohanty
The President
Divyadarshan Sangha