Dibya Darshan preaches about God. All the six darshans (philosophies) are intended for peace and happiness of mankind. Without God, peace and happiness are impossible. For the atheists, way to peace and happiness is blocked. One has to be a theist to get peace and happiness. Many people raise doubts over the existence of God. But by the theory of change propounded by Dibya Darshan God's existence is proved.

Had there been no change, we would not have experienced any thing. We would not have existed also. Due to change, we see flowers and fruits. Due to change, we get fruits as well as seeds. Due to change, we are able to utter one word after another. Due to sound waves, words could reach your ears and brain and you could hear. Due to change, it is raining. Due to change, the streams move forward and merge with the ocean. Due to change, we are able to walk.

Behind all such changes some power is at work. We name that power as God. Without energy change is not possible. This change occurs in every body, in every form. The power that is within and without is called God. Because there is God, there is digestion process and blood circulation process in our body. Sages describe the formless power that is within, as attributeless. But the forms are with attributes. That power within, acts and plays in various manners. That primordial energy divides itself into two i.e. para and apara. All forms and attributes are apara. For example, after assuming human form, human qualities are expressed through the form. Those qualities are apara power. Before the form came into existence, the energy was called para shakti. Para shakti is the background energy due to which all changes are taking place. Therefore God's existence has to be admitted of.

If every thing is possible by man, then why the dead body does not speak or hear? Because the seeing power, hearing power are no more in the dead body. Those are separated from the dead body.

In the Pure Consciousness level, God is formless. Hence He is infinite. We imagine God to be bigger than us. Hence we imagine him to be with four hands. Then what the dog will be imagining? A bigger dog or a dog with 8 legs!

Sages say that God has no forms. But he has created every thing. He has also created the personal Godheads. Those personal Godheads are invisible. God is also invisible. But due to want of knowledge, man is not able to know that invisible power. When man will be blessed with that divine knowledge, he will be able to realise God's formless and attributeless state. He will also know his manifestations as various forms and attributes.

When appropriate level of knowledge is acquired, God's true self can be realised. During childhood, due to ignorance we all were insistent on getting some particular objects. With the increase in knowledge such attitude is changed. Due to ignorance we commit sin. Therefore, it is also a sin not to try to acquire knowledge that simultaneously dispels ignorance. Man is suffering due to want of knowledge. Due to ignorance, the animals get entrapped and do not know how to come out of it.

When knowledge will grow, man will slowly know the truth and ultimately he will get peace and bliss. By knowledge every thing is possible. Therefore knowledge should be sought after. For acquiring knowledge perseverance is required. If not remembered repeatedly, the acquired knowledge will also be forgotten. By repeated remembrance, knowledge will be kept ablaze and can be utilised. This is called meditation. Simply closing the eyes is not meditation.

That power is called knowledge by which we are able to understand and explain. If the question is raised- 'what have you understood', the answer is Truth. Therefore knowing the truth is knowledge. By knowledge, we can know even the Supreme Truth.

By acquiring knowledge we learnt about the existence of God. Basing on that idea, we get some peace and happiness. When the level of knowledge increases we get more and more peace and happiness. We can get freedom from all bondage by acquiring still higher knowledge. By knowledge, truth can be realised. Sufferings were there. Sufferings are there. Sufferings will remain. Therefore knowledge has to be taken recourse to so that sufferings can be tided over.

Without knowledge one is almost dead. The more one possesses knowledge, the more one possesses conscience and the more one radiates with consciousness. Man without knowledge is sick and insentient. Therefore an inquisitive person goes on acquiring higher and higher knowledge and he becomes powerful.

We all crave for peace and happiness but we do not organize ourselves in a manner required to get peace and happiness. Rather we resort to courses of action, which impede peace and happiness. Dibya Darshan says, "You only can free yourself".

To get rid of sufferings, knowledge is essential. A mere wishful thinking will not help in getting rid of sufferings. You have to be inquisitive and acquisitive so far as knowledge is concerned. Sages cannot do wonders as long as you yourself are not inclined towards knowledge. 'I surrender myself fully to God'. By uttering these words, a state of self-surrender will not come. That particular level of knowledge is essential for self-surrender. Once the level of knowledge goes up, he understands that God is doing every thing. By repeated contemplation this fact can be appreciated. Only the knowledgeable can realise God.

The scientists can know the truth in the insentient matter but they are unable to resolve the mystery of matter. Dibya Darshan aims that every one should realise the truth and get liberation.

An ignorant man says, "I do every thing". This is nothing but his ego or his hallucination particularly when he is in a lower level of consciousness. The different powers of Brahman are personal godheads. They are doing every thing. Rain, heat and cold etc are made possible by the personal godheads. But man claims that he is doing everything. We utter the names of divine powers like Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Varuna (Water) and Goddesses like Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati etc.

Let us take a very simple example. Suppose we want to cook food. We take into consideration how much water, how much of fire and how much of rice we shall be requiring. This consideration is nothing but knowledge who is the Goddess of knowledge. Therefore, whatever is initially thought of or considered before starting to cook food, all such powers belong to Saraswati.

We also make use of intelligence while deciding the size of the pot, quantity of water etc. Lord Ganesh is the lord of intellect. Water is Varun Dev. Water is boiled by Fire God. Fire takes the help of Vayu to burn. That means, all the above Godheads have really worked for you. What exactly you think, you have done in the entire process?

The power you used to lift the pot is none other than Maheswari Shakti or Durga Shakti. When that strength goes away we say that the man is dead.Even digestion, blood circulation respiration etc are made possible by the benevolent Godheads such as Fire (Agni) and Vayu (Air).

In other words, everything is being done by other powers that are known as personal Godheads. He, who will know the greatness of these divine powers, who are protecting us and making everything possible for us, will pay his devotion and regards to them and shall be in a position to get their blessings. The great sages know the divine powers well and therefore get their support while doing each and every work. He who remembers the divine powers will get their blessings for proper accomplishment of their tasks.

If your parents are satisfied with you then only you will be eligible to get blessings from the personal Godheads. Once you get blessings from the personal Godheads, you will be eligible for the blessings of the Supreme i.e. Brahman. He who possesses divine qualities, who are obedient to parents and divine powers, will be the true recipients of the blessings of Brahman. If you have not got the blessings, you will not be able to understand higher things. You have to be dear to every one around you. In other words, you will have to endear yourself even to the plants and people around you.

That is why, the virtue of service is so important. The sages repeatedly lay emphasis on the virtue of service without which God's blessings will not be achieved. If you love all, you get good wishes manifold in return. Swami Vivekanand also laid emphasis on 'service'. He said, "Service to mankind is service to God". Do not insult the God in man. God is all-pervasive. We are willing to extend service to the invisible God but why are we so much unwilling to extend service to man who is very much visible? Remember that God is embodied as man.

Dibya Darshan says, Give priority to service if you want to make fast progress in your spiritual path. By the virtue of service, bad qualities like jealousy and malicious feelings will be dispelled. You will come closer and the bond of friendship and love will be cemented. There you cannot cheat because cheating is not possible when love and affection rule. Thus through service, all other divine virtues will also blossom in you. Service is the first step of spiritual practice. By this virtue will increase. Divine qualities will grow stronger and the feeling of cruelty will vanish.

Dibya Darshan preaches that every one should acquire true knowledge to reach the goal. In this divine movement who ever will contribute and spread the knowledge will acquire virtues and shall reach the goal.