The need for Dikshaa

Man succumbs to the illusions after his birth. Even if he had acquired lot of knowledge in his previous births, he forgets after assuming the present body. He recollects only the knowledge that is required for his survival, i.e. for eating and drinking etc. That is why, an infant without any training also starts eating and drinking but all other knowledge lying latent in him does not come out. Slowly those are expressed. That is called gradual development or evolution of knowledge.

There are certain things, which develop gradually. There are certain things, which can be developed faster by own efforts. For example, the scientists by carrying on research achieve their goals faster.

Man after being separated from the state of Brahman, has transmigrated from one form to another and now he has assumed human form. He will continue his journey and shall become a divine being and ultimately he will realise his true self. The sages by virtue of their spiritual practices attain the highest state and say that every thing has manifested from Brahman and everything will be merged with Brahman. For attaining the highest state, strong faith, inquisitiveness and spiritual practices are essential.

Therefore the system of initiation is there so that man can understand and appreciate the mystery of this creation and ultimately regain his lost paradise. Man forgets his true self due to illusory effects of Maya. Although he is far superior to other creatures, he undergoes sufferings due to effects of Maya. Man has taken innumerable births. A lot of powers, knowledge and qualities are stored in him. Now that he is a man, only the required qualities of a human being are activated in him. All other qualities and knowledge lie dormant in him.

By Dikshaa or initiation, his dormant powers become active. Man is not created just for eating and surviving. Then what is the difference between an animal and man? Man wants happiness, peace and freedom. Sadguru is competent enough to give all these to man. Without true knowledge, man cannot live properly in the society. He cannot get peace. Man wants to live fearlessly. He wants complete freedom. This he can get by acquiring self-knowledge, which Sadguru can give. Therefore Sadguru is given the highest status in scriptures.

There is power in everybody. Those powers lie dormant. When man grows up, he acquires more and more experiences by seeing, listening and facing different situations. In this process, his latent knowledge gets activated. Without all these experiences, his knowledge grows very slowly. It takes many births to attain true self.

Without acquiring knowledge, can any one become a scholar? Without knowledge of engine, can any one become an engineer? Without education, can anybody become a teacher? This indicates that in order to attain self-knowledge, the required knowledge has to be acquired. A person with past rich impulses need not approach Guru again. But very few people are of such standard.

By approaching a Sadguru, he acquires that level of knowledge by which he can get rid of all sufferings, dualities and fear. When he welcomes knowledge, knowledge will definitely develop in him.

Lord Ramachandra who is worshipped as God had also a Guru named Vasishtha. Krishna had a Guru named, Sandipani. All the great sages had also spiritual masters (Guru). Without Guru none has reached the highest state. Avadhut had twenty-four Gurus.

'Guru' signifies knowledge, greatness and heaviness. By surrendering to Guru, the disciple gets the light of knowledge. Just as a student becomes a teacher one-day, similarly the disciple also becomes Guru.

The Sadguru imparts true knowledge that brings peace, happiness and freedom. Without true knowledge, there is no peace and without true knowledge, freedom is not possible. Sadguru tells us who is God. Where is He? How is He? Why should we be devoted to Him? What are His Laws? Without knowing all these, man cannot be happy nor can man get freedom. Sadguru imparts all these knowledge. Hence it is said that Sadguru is the ferryboat by which this ocean of Samsar can be crossed. He sets the ladder to go to the kingdom of heaven, which is within us. He is the very basis of freedom. Those who surrender unto Sadguru, get peace, bliss and freedom. The Gurushakti is transmitted to the disciple. We have got lot of energy, which either remains inert or gets wasted in trivial pursuits. That is why, we get sufferings. We are not aware of the fact that there is inexhaustible energy stored in us. We consider ourselves as humans. Hence that much of power or energy pertaining to a human being gets activated in us.

Guru's Grace activates all the inert powers in us. All fears are dispelled. The impossible is also made possible. An example may be cited here. Due to laziness, the children at times do not evince interest in work. When parents instruct, they get ready for doing the work. This is how the lethargy is shed and the energy within is activated.

Guru possesses uncommon power. Further he has love towards his disciples. When he gives instructions, the power in the disciple gets multiplied. Guru always remains with the disciple until the total liberation of the disciple. Every moment he creates situations/ environments for the disciple so that he could attain freedom. Guru always remains alert for the disciple's self-development, his peace and happiness. Guru considers the disciple as his self. The disciple shall be a Guru one day. Sadguru has descended to this plane from the highest plane of consciousness. He is ready to offer every thing. Day and night, he thinks for the good of the disciple. He has indomitable love towards his disciples. He always showers his good wishes and blessings on the disciples. Because of this, the disciple gets energized. In other words, the latent energy in the disciple gets activated. Guru's body, mind, intellect and soul work together in a dedicated manner for the uplift of the disciple. Sadguru is immortal. His will is very powerful and vibrant. Guru imparts the requisite knowledge to the disciple according to the latter's standard and capacity to receive. Even if the disciple may not ask any question, Guru of his own, considering the need and appropriateness, imparts the relevant knowledge that benefits the disciple. He is always prepared to give away all his knowledge power. This total transmission is possible only in case of master-disciple relationship. Even after Guru leaves his mortal body, he being immortal, continues to energise the disciple. Thus the disciple becomes the Guru. He at that time realises that he is fully liberated. Even while living in samsar, he becomes free from the miseries of samsar. He becomes one with the immortal and eternal Being.

Every one is Self-Absolute. Due to illusory effects of Maya, one forgets one's self. Although he is Sat-Chit-Anand, he gets afflicted with different types of sufferings. He possesses nectar within him. But being unaware of the same, he suffers as if he is in a hell. Therefore, every one who is a true seeker, who is keen to have peace, happiness, bliss and freedom, should approach a Sadguru and acquire true knowledge, which is the only panacea to all sorts of maladies.