Good deeds and spiritual knowledge

In our lifetime, we do some good works and bad works. Good work means noble deed or virtuous deed. To do good deed is our duty. That is really our spiritual effort. That leads us to peace, happiness and freedom. By good deeds, our merits multiply and we get peace and happiness. Making some sacrifices, giving by way of charity, digging wells and tanks are good deeds. Those deeds give us peace and happiness but by those deeds we do not get freedom. Peace and happiness are different from freedom. For attaining freedom, a particular level of knowledge is required by acquiring which one can attain one's true self. This attainment of true self is freedom or liberation.

Freedom is different from virtues and vices, merits and demerits. By good deeds, one can get Salokya, Sarupya, samipya mukti but sayujya mukti which is immergence with the Brahman can be attained by a high level of knowledge. This level of knowledge is rarely prevalent in the present day society. Some people just try for some noble deeds to attain heaven. By such deeds, one cannot get freedom. Due to want of spiritual knowledge, meritorious works such as building of temples are undertaken and bad things like crimes and burglary are also taking place. Dibya Darshan preaches not only good works but also spiritual knowledge to lead man to completeness.

The question arises here. If sat-karma does not bring freedom, why then we should do good works? The answer is simple. By noble deeds, peace and happiness prevail in the society. It creates congenial atmosphere and forms the basis for acquiring spiritual knowledge.

Although it does not itself get one freedom, it helps one proceed in that direction.

Attainment of God means realisation of true self i.e. liberation.

  1. By outward worship, chanting of mantras, rigorous austerity one cannot attain God.
  2. By fasting or doing some rituals, one cannot get God.
  3. By yoga, one cannot attain God
  4. By reading and repeating scriptures, one cannot attain God.
  5. He, who possesses strong inquisitiveness, alone is eligible to get liberation. With strong inquisitiveness, level of knowledge shall rise and one can gradually realise the existence of God. Ultimately one will be eligible to get Guru's grace and attain freedom.


Dibya Darshan has been endeavouring to preach the knowledge that can bring us not only peace and happiness but also freedom. Dibya Darshan therefore lays emphasis on knowledge.

"Understanding Truth is true knowledge."