Surrendering to Truth

This creation is a manifestation of Truth. From atoms and molecules, insects and worms, animals and birds, to the human species, whatever is there in this creation, everywhere Truth reveals itself. Truth is God. He manifests himself as Truth and performs the processes of generation, preservation and destruction. Since He is the Creator, He also regulates the Creation. In accordance with certain laws framed by Him, the processes like birth, existence, growth, decay and death etc. are all governed. No one has the freedom to go out of his governance. Day in and day out, we are controlled and regulated by Him. Man is not able to understand these things due to ignorance. He thinks that he has taken birth by his own efforts. In fact, he is unable to know by whom he has been born. Truth, having created everything, is present in everything. We can't live even for a moment without truth. A baby lives in his mother's lap and while away he starts crying. The baby does not understand that she is his mother from whom he is getting his food. But he certainly feels that she feeds him. That is why the baby starts crying when the mother is a little away. Like the baby, when the man will understand the truth, at that time he won't leave Him.

Truth is always near the man and is never far. But he who does not understand Truth, he is away from it even though he is very near as a result of which he suffers. Due to ignorance, man is not able to understand the cause of his sufferings. He should understand that since he remains away from the Truth that has kept him alive, he is suffering. These truths are nothing but God's laws. If one does not understand His Laws, and having understood, if one does not observe the Laws, suffering is inevitable. If he understands this, he will definitely free himself from the chains of sufferings.

When one will understand that before one's birth, God has made all sorts of arrangements, whatever are needed are all there in His kingdom and if any misfortunes or perils come, He will come as saviour, where remain the chances of any sufferings? By this, all fears will go away and there will be absolutely no reason for getting impatient. A person, who knows Him in this way, can alone live in peace. The more you will know about Him, the faster your sufferings will fizzle out. When man will know that every thing is done by Him, when he will understand and appreciate His roles and rulings, when he will realise that God has bestowed upon him not only the materials for his existence but also for varied enjoyments, at that time he will be definitely happy.

Father gets many things for his child. When the child sees all these, he dances with delight. Like that, it is also natural for us to be delighted when we become aware of the fact that God has given us so many things. This feeling will bring us happiness and peace will come instantly. Once this feeling gets confirmed man will be more and more inclined to realise the Supreme Truth.

Even if we do not understand God, we can understand this much that we have taken birth. We admit that we have not created ingredients of bone flesh, skin, limbs etc by ourselves. In other words, we can't but believe that these materials are created by some other power. After one was born as a baby, some one was there as mother to take care of. Some one was there to wake up when the baby was asleep. Had she not awakened, the baby would have continued to sleep even unto death. Who is that mother? She, who remained with us all along and took so much pains to keep us alive, is that mother. It is to be understood that God came in the form of our mother and remained very close to us to nurture us to life.

We exhale and inhale through our nose. This process is automatically on and at a subsequent day only we come to know that this process is on. The maker of this process is none but the Supreme Truth i.e. God. If He wills, the process will be on. If He wills, the process will be off. All those works are going on without our knowledge. He has made all arrangements for a smooth going. We have never tried to understand that we do not have any control over these processes. Similar is the case with the digestive system as well as the blood circulation system.

God has given us ears to hear, eyes to see, nose to smell and all other senses to enjoy. Should we not try to know such a magnanimous Creator? Once we try to know Him, our knowledge about him shall grow and we shall be convinced that it is impossible to live for a moment without Him. His goodness and greatness will be clearly understood as and when spiritual knowledge increases. Our faith and devotion towards Him will increase when these ideas will be turned to conviction. " He is my be-all and end-all, He is helpful to me at every stage, for my survival like my mother, He is my own etc etc." Such feelings will gradually come with the advent of more and more knowledge about God.

Once we concentrate on His greatness, our close and incessant relationship with Him can be easily comprehended. When this knowledge will be gradually confirmed, one will have strong determination to surrender oneself before Him. Some glimpses of our relationship with Him can be discussed here.

Fish lives in water, takes birth in water, moves therein, survives therein and takes the materials present in water as its food. If the fish is taken out of water for some time, it dies. Our relationship with God is more intense and true than the relationship between fish and water. Relation with mother is also like that. One took shape in mother's womb, grew with her materials, lived and got all services from her. Man's relation with God is still closer and deeper. Our relationship with our mothers is mainly physical but with God our relationship is that of mind, intellect and body. Hence one cannot live a moment without Him. Even one's existence will be extinguished. He who knows Him will surrender to Him. Therefore, Dibya Darshan says, " Surrender unto God". Whenever there is any need, we ask for the same from the mother because we have strong confidence on her. Just as mother fulfils all our wishes, God similarly will give us everything once we feel that He is everything to us. His store is inexhaustible. Hence whatever the man will ask from Him, He will definitely give. For that, strong faith like that of a child is necessary. Since we do not have such faith we are not getting things we ask for. We know to some extent that if we ask for something, God will give but the required strong faith is not there in us. Even we do not know what is the relation of ourselves with God. Therefore, due to ignorance we cannot maintain any link or relation with Him. As a result, our desires remain unfulfilled.

Dibya Darshan says," whenever you feel yourself to be helpless, powerless and amidst fears surrender unto God to save yourself. When He is the only Creator of this Creation, to whom else you shall go and approach for help instead of approaching God? "

Hence it is always to be remembered that the Supreme Truth is the Almighty, who is the be-all and end-all of your life. If you want to be rescued, you have necessarily to surrender yourself before Him. If the Truth is realised, there will be no hurdles and hindrances on your ways.

It is the first and foremost duty of man to realise Truth. Once man realises Truth, he will save himself from all sorts of sufferings. In other words, he will be merged in Truth or realise his True Self. It should be borne in mind that the true nature of God is Truth. Scriptures describe Him as Truth of all truths or as the Supreme Truth. He illumines Himself as Truth. In other words, each and every truth is His manifestation. The ignorant person who is deluded by Maya is advised to surrender to Truth in order to elevate himself to the higher level of Truth. Surrendering to Truth means acknowledging, loving and realising Truth. He who knows Truth becomes Truth. That is why, the scriptural instruction is to surrender to Truth. Without surrender, one cannot realise Truth ands also cannot transform himself as Truth.


A few quotes from Amrit Bindu:

"It is not that easy to know Truth. A glimpse of the Supreme Truth can be had only when inquisitiveness springs up due to the good impulses acquired through many births."

"Truth is self-illumined. None else illumines Him. But the ignorant man cannot know Truth."

"To know Him, pursue knowledge, pursue Truth and practise Truth."

"Uphold Truth, apply Truth since Truth can be had by Truth alone. Whatever is possible is achieved by Truth only."

"Truth is nectar; Falsehood poison."

"Falsehood proves nothing; Truth proves everything."

"Have faith in Truth, love Truth and respect Truth. Truth is the governing principle of your life. All excellence of your life is contained in it. It is your True Self."

"We are bred by Truth, brought up by Truth and shall be sustained by Truth. Defying Truth means advancing towards hell which is nothing but suicide."