The cataract of ignorance



From out of the mother's womb a baby comes out.

He is never aware of the same.

He is never aware that he will be a father one-day.

That is because his form is different.

He is only a baby shrouded with ignorance.

The limited knowledge pertaining to a baby only shines out.

Because form is different, qualities are also different.



The seed came from a plant.

The plant came from a seed.

Seed is the plant.

Plant is the seed.

Time comes in between.

A Seed can never know that it was a plant one-day

And that it shall become a plant in course of time.

Because form is different, qualities are also different.



A teacher tutors a pupil.

The pupil cannot know that he will become a teacher one-day.

Because form is different, the level of knowledge is also different.



Because of his jiva form,

Man cannot know that he is the Self-Absolute.

He is not aware that he came from the Brahman

And shall one-day be one with the Brahman.

Through the mechanism of ignorance

Thus God's play goes on and on.


By-Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun

English rendering by-R.N.Mohanty