The Essence


Names may differ,

Qualities may differ,

But from the standpoint of true self,

Jiva is none other than Shiva.


Jiva is a particular form,

Shiva is formless but total form,

Indivisible Pure Consciousness is their essence,

And they are one and the same.


Ice is another state of water,

Apparent difference exists between ice and water.

Form is different, so is name,

But they are one and the same.


Seed has become the plant,

Seed is present in the plant.

Plant has potency to contain the seed,

Plant is none other than the seed.


Seed is a particular form,

Plant is yet another form.

In Forms and qualities, differences exist.

They are but one in essence.


Water becomes ice; ice becomes water,

Ice is nothing other than water.

Jiva is Brahman; Brahman is Jiva.

He is the universe; He is Lord Shiva.

Eternally one, He plays his games.

He is the essence of all forms and names.


 By-Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun

English rendering-R.N.Mohanty