The need for spiritual knowledge


Due to want of spiritual knowledge and consequently due to ignorance about the goal of human life, the present world environment is getting afflicted with some sort of disorders or chaos. Every body is suffering physically and mentally. Today's man is least aware of the sources of real peace and happiness. He has very little or no interest in learning how to get happiness.

The sages imparted such knowledge. Now a days also, the sages are imparting such knowledge which can bring us peace and happiness. In various scriptures, all such subjects are well documented. But because we do not take interest in such things, we are not able to accept or acquire such knowledge. We are not able to understand and appreciate the missions of the sages who have been trying to revive such knowledge. Many scriptures are written reiterating the knowledge stored in the vedas and vedantas. But we are not able to take the benefit out of these. Dibya Darshan revives such knowledge in a simple and lucid manner. The subject matter of Sanatan Dharma or the Law of Eternity is well-documented in scriptures (vedas and vedantas). Sanatan Dharma is the basis of all peace and happiness. Realisation of the True Self is possible by observing Sanatan Dharma.. Spiritual knowledge, particularly self-knowledge, is contained in the Sanatan Dharma. Dibya Darshan emphasises that Self-knowledge should be acquired.

The Law of Eternity contains the subject matter of self-knowledge or true knowledge for attaining divine life and getting rid of sufferings. He, who knows the Law of Eternity more and more, gets rid of sufferings faster.

Generally we understand that spiritual knowledge means knowledge about God. We are under the impression that day to day realities and spiritual knowledge are altogether different but once one knows what exactly spiritual knowledge is, one's doubts would be dispelled. According to Dibya Darshan, all, having come from Brahman, move on from one form to another through a well-designed process of change and ultimately merge with Brahman. Leaving the True Self, coming to samsar, again leaving samsar and getting merged with the Brahman (True Self) is a grand cycle that goes on. For the systematic conduct of this process, there is an ever-operative Law, which is known as Sanatan Dharma or the Law of Eternity.

Death is certain for the born. Likewise, realisation of true self is the final destination of jiva. This cycle is caused and conditioned by the Law that is eternal. When we talk of a tree, it includes branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, roots etc. Body includes, hands, legs, eyes, nose, ears etc. Likewise, Brahman means everything from creation to destruction. Dibya Darshan says, "Whatever is there in this creation, is the manifestation of Brahman". To explain this in general, scriptures say, "Brahman willed to become many".

In other words, for creation, after creation, living with peace and happiness and ultimately merging with Brahman, whatever Law is in force to govern the process is called Sanatan Dharma. Therefore, the three aspects, such as- individual, society and Brahman, make a complete spiritual knowledge. That means, spiritual knowledge is incomplete without any of these three.

Spiritual knowledge unravels the mystery pertaining to the creator and the creation. When Brahman manifests (from beginning of creation till deluge) in different strata or levels, different truths or principles are involved. Jiva state is a particular state in this entire process. Therefore jiva's journey is towards a destination which is called emancipation or liberation.

Man desires to live. In course of his living, he wants peace and happiness. He wants unalloyed happiness, i.e. uncontaminated by any sufferings. He wants that happiness, which is permanent, that peace which is eternal and that bliss which is not momentary but ever-lasting. The jiva always aspires after enjoying permanent peace, happiness and bliss, which are embedded only in self-knowledge. Brahmatattva includes jiva and Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan Dharma means jiva and Brahmatattva. Everything is inter-linked and cannot be segregated from the other.

Without acquiring spiritual knowledge, without knowing the Law of Eternity, can man lead a happy life?

The answer is- 'Impossible'. Happiness is a subject matter of Sanatan Dharma. Similarly misery, peace, individual and society etc. including bondage and freedom are particular states of Sanatan Dharma. In everything, the Law of Eternity is operative. Life is also a manifestation of some Law. Everything is a manifestation of some Laws or truths. There are some laws to get happiness. There are some laws to get sufferings, birth, death, bondage and freedom etc. For everything, there are certain laws.

"To know the Law of Eternity is knowledge; to observe the same is Dharma". Without knowing the Law of Eternity, it is impossible to get peace, happiness and freedom.