The uniqueness of Dibya Darshan

This philosophy named Dibya Darshan presents Truth, Law of Eternity and Dharma in a unique, simple and lucid manner. The sages have shown many paths to realise the imperishable or immortal Atman. Six systems of philosophy are before us. Many spiritual paths are shown. That knowledge has been handed down to us from time immemorial. Dibya Darshan reiterates the Truth in an intelligible and acceptable manner, which may suit the present-day discerning mankind.

Dibya Darshan is not a group or bloc, not a clan or community or creed. It is life itself. It belongs to none. It belongs to every one. He, who knows it, gets it.

The question is after the six systems of philosophy, why Dibya Darshan again? In the Vedant Darshan all the essential subjects have been dealt in detail. The sage, Vyas has presented all secrets of spirituality in his Vedant philosophy. Vyasadev, keeping in view the standard of knowledge and spiritual understanding of the-then society, had presented Vedant philosophy in the contemporary language and style which is not easily comprehensible now. Dibya Darshan reiterates those secrets of knowledge to suit the present day mankind in a very simple language. The Truth is unchangeable. Only language and style may differ in explaining the same Truth.

Self belongs to every one. It is universal. The knowledge centring on the Self must be universal too. 'Universalizing the secrets of spirituality'-That is what Dibya Darshan aims at. Hence Dibya Darshan communicates this highest philosophy in a very plain language without coverings or ornamentation.

With the passage of time, knowledge also is expressed differently. With the development in scientific fields, man has been employing new techniques in his day to day life. The scientific man is now more competent and capable of manipulating the energy as well as matter to its benefit. Dibya Darshan tries to emphasize, while imparting knowledge, the unchangeable essence that forms the basis of all discoveries and inventions made in course of the scientific quests and observations.

Dibya Darshan analyzes the relation between matter and energy, the properties of matter, the properties of energy and lastly the fourth state of matter by means of scientific truths and powerful reasoning.

Dibya Darshan, by its subtle analysis and insightful presentation, aims at doing away with the human obsession with mundane matters and turning his attention towards the Consciousness, which systematically but unnoticingly evolves itself to subtle and gross forms traversing long distances, undergoing modifications galore and casting in its spell, various illusory effects on the ignorance- afflicted human mind that just gets puzzled, not being able to comprehend with his circumscribed vision the enormous tricks involved in the divine game plan.

It gives, in the following lines, a clarion call to the mankind to wake up and get ready to realise his true self.

"Oh mankind !

Forgetting your true self and mistaking this stage as your abode

and unreal role as your "self", how long will you continue to be tortured

in the frying cauldron of lust and greed, pride and prejudice?

Arise! Enkindle the flame of awareness within.

Get ready to return to your peaceful, immortal and heavenly abode

and get back your eternal, true and pure self.

Then only, you will free yourself from all miseries and fears.


You are the immortal and emancipated soul."