Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun


His holiness Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun, a saint from Orissa, presented �Dibya Darshan� or the Philosophy Divine to the whole world in the year 1976. Born to a tribal family in the year 1933 in the hilly region of Rayagada District and just a literate upto standard VIII, he got his enlightenment in the year 1967 and thereafter gave a very lucid, original and spontaneous elucidation of the Almighty. A disciplined householder, he was working for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited at Sunabeda till he shed his mortal body in 1989.

From his childhood he was seen to be extraordinarily intelligent, intuitive and inquisitive. He was always enthusiastic about inventing something new by which the people at large could be benefited. While in his pursuits he acquired proficiency in various fields, he invented, with his paltry resources and in his limited surroundings, quite a number of agricultural implements and machines to help the farmers and rural artisans. He made designs of submersible pump, submarine engine and also wingless aircraft. Some of his scientific ideas were not recognized at the Government level mainly because he was not having adequate qualification. He also couldn�t stretch his scientific inventions further due to want of infrastructure and financial support. He had very little interest in the traditionally bounded curricula of the schools.

He introspected that with the invention of small things, only a small section of people could be benefited. Therefore, not being contented with smaller achievements, he wanted to enlarge the scope of his inventions, which would permanently do good to the whole world.

�Ignorance is a great sin�, said Socrates, the Greek philosopher. Arjun, while he was a school student, whole-heartedly supported this basic mantra of Socrates and was very much convinced that knowledge was to be inevitably pursued in order to do away with the sin of ignorance.

Lord Buddha�s philosophy that �Craving is the cause of sufferings� also touched him. Going a step further, he realised that due to ignorance, man craves for earthly enjoyments and happiness but ultimately suffers.

He finally concluded, "Ignorance is the cause of sufferings. Ignorance breeds sin. Sin breeds sorrows. Hence knowledge is to be welcomed to get rid of sufferings. Knowledge is the key to real happiness."

Lord Jesus said, "Ask, you will get the answer; Seek, it will be revealed; Knock, the door shall be opened."

These words of Lord Jesus also offered him some clue as well as confidence to knock at the door of knowledge.

By his steady inquisitiveness and deep insight, he ultimately discovered the Knowledge Absolute i.e. God within and also without.

God, he unequivocally voiced, is none other than the unitary self-consciousness pervading every where at all times equally and uniformly without any discrimination. The only one indivisible consciousness, i.e. the Self manifests as many, assuming different names and forms. In other words, the entire universe is but His manifestation.

That the Consciousness is capable of manifesting itself without the help of any external agency unmistakably indicates that it has got immense potency to become so. In other words, it is full of energy. It is energetic or all-powerful. Conversely, the energy is full of consciousness. Shakti is God, he affirmed.

This process of manifestation is always based on certain principles. The way the self-consciousness manifests itself spontaneously without any external support is termed as the Law of Eternity. Knowing the Law of Eternity is true knowledge and observing the same is Dharma.

He said, "This is no life at all. To know the infuser of life is true life."

He taught the mankind the secret of a divine life and exhorted, "If you want to live, be dutiful, if you want peace and happiness, possess divine virtues, if you desire liberation, acquire self-knowledge."

Pointing out to the latent divinity in every being, he emphasized, "You are absolutely divine. Therefore, pursue divine knowledge, desire only divinity, engross yourself in divine thoughts and then only divine bliss will be bestowed upon you."

He gave a clarion call to mankind to cast off ignorance, acquire true knowledge and divine qualities. Repetitively reminding human being of his true self, he exhorted,

"Oh mankind! Forgetting your true self and mistaking this stage as your abode and unreal role as your self, how long will you continue to be tortured in the frying cauldron of lust and greed, pride and prejudice?

Arise! Enkindle the flame of awareness within. Get ready to return to your peaceful, immortal and heavenly abode and get back your eternal, true and pure self. Then only you will free yourself from all miseries and fears.

Remember! You are the immortal and emancipated soul."

Explaining the universally operative hypnotic spell, he cautions that the sense organs have kept every one mesmerized. They always drag the mind and intellect outward. This aimless wandering of the senses and capricious obsession of the mind never allow anybody to think deep and inward. People get obsessed with mundane matters while the essence inside remains far away.

Every one wants to be happy. Every one wants to enjoy freedom. Every one craves for good. Why such a ubiquitous craving for goodness, happiness and freedom? Because, that is every one�s origin. That is the place for rest. He is God. God is good. Good is God. God resides as our Self. Craving for goodness and freedom, peace and happiness actually means an instinctive quest for the self who is within and without.

Out of ignorance, people search for God here and there, perform various types of outward worship, build temples, churches and mosques. They install different deities out of their varying imagination and spin out several kinds of rituals. They claim that they are truly religious. If that is sufficient, why then there are strifes and sufferings in stead of peace and happiness? These opposite effects indicate that in the process of doing Dharma, unknowingly adharma is resorted to. Divine qualities have to be inculcated first in order to approach divinity. Internal purity is more important than mere outward worship. God is reflected only on pure hearts.

While demoniac qualities (Adharma) keep men farther from God, observance of the divine qualities is true Dharma that serves as the passport for a safe and certain journey towards divinity and that is the ultimate goal of every being. God or the Divine Energy manifests as divine qualities in every body. Attainment of divine qualities is the surest and shortest path to be with God i.e. Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Divine qualities are universally good. Divine qualities are but different subtle forms of God.