Glimpses of his philosophy:

"Oh, mankind !

Forgetting your true self and mistaking this stage

as your abode and unreal role as your self,

how long will you continue to be tortured in the frying cauldrons

of lust and greed, pride and prejudice?

Arise! Enkindle the flame of awareness within.

Get ready to return to your peaceful, immortal and

heavenly abode and get back your eternal, true and pure self.

Then only you will free yourself from all miseries and fears.

Remember! You are the immortal and emancipated soul."


"Knowing the Law of Eternity is true knowledge (jnana)

and observing the same is Dharma."


"This is no life at all. To know the infuser of life is true life."


"You are absolutely divine.

Therefore, pursue divine knowledge, desire only divinity,

engross yourself in divine thoughts and

then only divine bliss will be bestowed upon you."


"If you want to live, be dutiful,

if you long for peace and happiness, possess divine virtues,

if you aim at liberation, acquire self-knowledge."


"Ignorance is the cause of sufferings."

"Ignorance breeds sin. Sin breeds sorrows.

Hence knowledge is to be welcomed to get rid of sufferings.

Knowledge is the key to real happiness."


"Whatever faith or religion you may belong to,

emancipation is unrealisable without self-knowledge."


"Truth is not attained easily. If chased, it moves farther. Remember, he is very near to you. He is the heart of your heart and life of your life. Every thing in you is manifested by Him. You are not able to understand Him due to ignorance. Once you welcome Him, He will spontaneously come to you in different forms. At last you will realise that "He is I and I am He." In other words, "I am the Brahman, i.e. Aham Brahmosmi."

-Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun-