Glimpses of his Gospels

This is jnana (knowledge) path. I know, it is difficult to comprehend. Some of you do not understand me and hence disbelieve. A time will come when the level of your knowledge will go up. At that time you will understand the veracity and value of my teachings. Your grand children will understand me. I have lighted the flame. You will keep it ablaze.

I came to give you knowledge. I am eager to give away my knowledge but you are not prepared to receive. You are not awake. You are in deep slumber. My call is not audible to you. I shall be forgoing my sleep to break your inertia. I must awaken you. Even after this physical body perishes, I shall be residing in you all. I shall be taking care for the fulfilment of your goal. I have come as a servant. I must serve you all whether you accept my service or not. Let this span of life be totally spent for serving you.

How can you get some thing, which you do not know? In order that your quest will be successful, you will have to dispel your ignorance by lighting the candle of knowledge. Once you know, you shall get. There is no doubt about it. I am gifting you Dibya Darshan or The Philosophy Divine, which is a solution to all your doubts, distrust and despair. I have assumed this form only for you all. I want that you should attain divinity, which is the supreme goal of every one. After reaching a definite level of knowledge, all your sins will vanish. After reaching a definite level of knowledge, you will be inclined to surrender to me. Keep faith on me. Do not break down amidst unfavourable circumstances. Remain united. Engage yourself in God's work. I am always with you. You will definitely be rewarded. Your labour shall never go waste.

 With bouquets of Satya (Truth) and Dharma (piety), get yourselves prepared to invite the Satya Yug (The new Age of Truth). With pure hearts, welcome the new age. Don't think yourselves to be insignificant. All powers are treasured in you. Always engage yourselves in good deeds. The rest, I will see. Don't see others' faults. Don't forget your own duties. A person, who has loopholes, tries to see others' loopholes.

The philosophy Divine is eternal. It teaches self-knowledge. It inspires all to be good and do good for God is good and good is God. Self is divine. Self is God. By acquiring self-knowledge you can get peace, happiness and liberation. The philosophy divine is not for a separate category, community or creed. It is a universal doctrine meant for the entire mankind. It is not an isolated path. It encompasses individual, society and God all together. It belongs to every one. Every one belongs to the divine. I have given you glimpses of truth. This philosophy is born of truth. It is a way of life for attaining Dharma and mukti (liberation). Once one realises the manifestation of Truth, the feelings of high and low shall vanish. God is that Truth. Never ascribe any form to Him. God cannot be an object of your imagination. Peace is in you. There is bliss in you. There is freedom in you. You wander all over in search of peace and happiness. But once you realise your self, you will realise everything. This is a universal truth applicable to all communities and every being at all times and in all situations.

What shall you speak about myself? It is not that easy to describe me. I am unknown to every one. I led a samsaric (worldly) life. I took up different kinds of occupations. I mastered different branches of knowledge and skill. I welcomed sufferings for the sake of my inquisitiveness for Truth and Knowledge. I always talked about knowledge. I spent my life in doing so. I was taking keen interest in science in my school days and after. I had great interest in music and dance. I have never worn any saffron robe. Only the wise men can recognize me. They will try to delve deep into my teachings. Many people will say afterwards that they missed to know me. They would say afterwards, "He came, returned but we could not know him."

Enkindle the inquisitiveness in you. Dispel any feeling of despair from you. I am there in you. Have strong faith on me. If you come across obstacles, consider them as hidden blessings. All apparent obstacles are but His Lila. Every thing is a part of his great play. Keep up your spiritual practices.

Expedite and intensify your efforts. Without sufficient fuel, how will you be able to cook any thing? Unless fuelled adequately, all your efforts will be ineffective. If you want to break the hard rock you will have to hammer it repeatedly. By sadhana (spiritual practice), you will acquire more and more power and ultimately know the Almighty. Because you are weak, you are not able to proceed. A slight obstacle on your way makes you come back. Hence success remains far away from you.

With demoniac qualities you cannot achieve divinity. Vices shall drag you backward although they may satisfy you for some time. Only divine qualities shall lead you to divinity.

First, try to identify your exact requirement and thereafter try for fulfilment. Seek your goal properly. You will reach it. When you ask for bread, whether your father shall give you pebbles? Go ahead and further ahead until you reach your goal.