The power within and without

Whether there is God, how is God, where is He and what about His greatness? These are the usual questions asked by people. Questionings lead to answers i.e. knowledge. Acquisition of more and more knowledge on God will elevate man to a level where he will be ready to surrender to God.

This universe is the manifestation of God. He expresses Himself as various names, forms and qualities. He is behind every thing. He is inside everything. Behind all apparent forms, there is some background form that supports all. He himself does not have any form. Rather formlessness is his form. All the names and forms are his subsequent states. He has manifested as this universe after transforming himself through various stages and phases. He alone knows the tricks he applies to create this universe. He is eternally one. That is why, there is no comparison to Him. He cannot be explained by advancing any example or argument. There is mention about his greatness in the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. In the Upanishads, there are some indications of His True Self. His true self can be realised by sincere spiritual aspirants by the grace of sadguru. That One Existence expresses himself as various forms, names and qualities. If some one realises His subsequent forms and thinks that he has realised God, he is not correct. Realisation of that inexpressible state is siddhi or true realisation. There exists the bhava state beyond knowledge. One has to purify oneself, move to Bhava state and then only he can realise Him. Every thing is but His manifestation. God creates this universe. In other words, God only appears in many forms in this universe.

In scriptures, the energy is divided into two phases, namely, Para and Apara, just for easy understanding. In the world of nature, the Apara shakti (lower power) is always present. According to science, matter is never out of existence. It gets transformed. Energy again gets recycled into matter and vice versa. In the form of a man, the qualities of man are also present. When the energy takes the form of fire, the qualities of fire also get involved in fire. These are all nothing but Apara shakti (lower power), which is present in nature and expresses itself through nature. In other words, the Apara shakti (lower power) manifests as nature. It is subtle as well as gross. There is in fact no difference between energy (shakti) and nature. He who remains as the back ground is called Purusha or Para energy (higher power).

The Para Shakti (higher power) is present every where. He is all-pervasive. He, the Energy- Absolute, manifests as many. Apara Shakti comes from Para Shakti. You are always experiencing the energy both outside and inside. You are also a form of that energy. The energy, which you experience, is none other than you. Whatever you realise or experience, that is energy or power. How can the experiencer be different from that which is experienced? How can you say that there is no God? There is no question of the non-existence of God. When we are there, He is also there. To negate the existence of God is nothing but self-negation. By knowing one after the other, we come to know the entire universe. If we are unable to realise the sentient existence or energy within, it means that we are insentient only. Akash tattva (ether) is also a state of energy. Shakti cannot be seen. By knowledge, man is able to experience both the visible and invisible every moment.

Brahman is one. There is no duality. There is nothing other than Shakti. Therefore a true realiser knows no discrimination. It is the Shakti that plays its role, activates every thing, opens up or unfolds its world drama. He who knows Shakti (power) is powerful. You are always coming in contact with God but you are unable to recognise him. Only the realisers know God. Every one should undertake spiritual practices to realise God.

Offending others means offending the self. Cheating others means cheating the self. Not evincing interest to know God is ignorance. Some people straightaway disbelieve God's existence. In stead, it should occur to them that due to inadequate knowledge they are unable to understand the concepts. Once that feeling comes, they will be inspired to make further enquiries.

God himself evolves into many forms and qualities. The ignorant do not realise but imagine Him in some forms or other. God also assumes those forms as desired or imagined by different devotees. But only the realisers can realise his innumerable forms. By knowledge, he penetrates fast into all the apparent varieties to attain the reality of oneness within. He who acquires this divine vision can attain the highest. "I am expressing myself in multifarious ways, My play is going on." This realisation should dawn upon every one.

Therefore, you are great and fortunate. What shall you ask for? He has given you every thing. He, who acquires more and more knowledge, can know his greatness. It will take a longer time for the idol worshippers to realise Him. You are all fortunate because you are able to know about his gross, subtle and causal forms. Only he, who experiences God every where and in every being, realises the Sat-Chit-Anand. When the Self will love the Self, bliss will be manifold. These things are beyond Veda. Veda starts from chit. Sat remains still beyond. Once man realises chit or consciousness, he will realise that there is nothing called death. Once the chit takes a form, that form undergoes modification, which is called death.

But consciousness or chit has no death. He remains hidden as Shakti in the play. Once man realises that Shakti, he will be with Shakti. To see the background of this Shakti is called Vishwa Rupa Darshan (Cosmic form). He who realises this, can only get rid of all sufferings. Without this, there is no other way. From now onwards try to go up in the ladder. You can know how he is, how he is ever-present and how he gets himself manifested. To know "God is everywhere", so much knowledge is required! The divine bliss (dibyanand) starts from this stage.

In the scriptures, there is mention of purusha and prakriti (nature). The purusha in order to express himself remains in subtle form in the prakriti (nature). By knowing only prakriti (nature), one cannot attain mukti or liberation. He can know only different divine powers in prakriti (nature) but not the Brahman. In order to get mukti, one has to realise purusha. Sufferings will still remain as long as we are attached to prakriti (nature). prakriti (nature) creates illusion. Prakriti (nature) has to be transcended in order to know purusha. Prakriti (nature) is known as Apara Shakti and purusha as para Shakti.

Shakti is there, everywhere in prakriti (nature). According to science, matter does not vanish into non-existence. Matter is transformed into energy. Shakti takes gross and subtle forms. Shakti also manifests as qualities. We call the same Apara. Apara Shakti is there in all the five elements. Purusha himself manifests as prakriti (nature) or Apara power. He is Shakti. He expresses himself as many. At the same time, we see different names and forms and qualities. That energy is there in the sun and the moon. In a piece of wood also the same energy is there as a result of which it is burning. The same energy is there for which man can speak. Every thing becomes possible by Shakti. Shakti and purusha have no difference. They are one and the same. He is Rama, He is Krishna, He is Energy-Absolute. Only by knowing his greatness, we shall have faith and belief on Him. There is no difference between matter and energy. Who can say that he has no strength? Who can disown his own existence? He is the same Shakti whom he realises. We are all there. He is also there. He alone manifests as many. All his manifestations are Apara. Beyond, He is para. He is Atman, Brahman or God. All changes are the results of the play of Shakti.

The realisers do not see any difference between male or female. The energy which has taken the form of male, has also taken the form of female.

Shakti is every thing. Shakti is myself. I am the Shakti. I am present every where and carry on my play. I am sun, moon, stars and planets etc. Shakti has taken all forms. You are not able to know. Your son, daughter, wife, gold ornaments are but his different forms. In the Bhagavad Gita there is chapter on cosmic form. Once divine eyes are opened up, you can understand the essence of that. Any one cannot see Shakti. By divine vision, He can be experienced always and everywhere. By gross eyes you can see the gross. It is a matter of ignorance to say that you are not able to see God. By enhancing the level of knowledge, one can see His subtle forms. God is visible always as Apara power. The wise is able to experience his infinite greatness. Ultimately he merges with Him. With this bhava, he will be able to get complete knowledge and be blessed.


(Two sentences may convey the same meaning but while expressing or explaining, those are spoken in different ways keeping in view the qualification or preparedness of the recipients. Just as we say, ice is formed by water. And again, ice is water itself.)