Theory of Change or Transformation

Change is the eternal law of eternal application and not an occasional exception. Change is the inherent property of every thing, be it visible or invisible. Change is the dharma, the truth of the universe. Things keep on changing every moment and get transformed into other forms. The latent qualities and also the physical organization of every unit of existence undergo change every moment. Every thing is therefore dynamic whether living or non-living. Beyond this dynamic existence there exists another all pervasive transcendental state, which is neither dynamic nor static. That is why that supreme state is called inexpressible. Sometimes that state is said to be static, some times that state is said to be dynamic. Surprisingly that state is also known to be both static and dynamic. Further that state is said to be static containing within it all powers to commission the dynamic process. But when viewed as an indivisible whole, no such qualities or qualifications can be attributed to that supreme state. He is therefore neither static nor dynamic. He is beyond, hence inexpressible. All the manifestations are changeable. All manifestations are but self-expressions of the Absolute Existence, which is changeless and eternal.

We come across varieties because of the ever-operative phenomenon of change or transformation. In other words, varieties are the products of a continuous self-propelled process of change, which occurs eternally giving birth to newer and newer creations every moment to make the creation lovely and lively, colourful and complete. In this process of change, things come and go, appear and disappear not for nothingness but to reappear with more meaningful purposes and deliberate designs in various permutations and combinations, although those are unitary in essence.

This process of change or transformation was existent in the past, is in operation now and in future also it shall continue. This process of change is therefore ever existent. This process brings about creation and destruction of various forms and qualities. The whole creation, of which we are a part, is a product of this grand process of change.

Only after perceiving a certain thing we say- 'I am seeing, it is happening, it is there etc.' In fact what we have perceived and experienced is a the-then state or position of the matter. We don�t see the same thing next moment in its exact state or condition because the contents and organizational patterns have undergone changes in an imperceptible manner. When we do not see some thing which we had seen or experienced earlier we say it was earlier there but now it is not. It has been destroyed. It has vanished. It means that creation, preservation and destruction go on every moment on a non-stop basis and very fast caused by an eternal principle or Law known as the Law of Eternity. As a result, we find consistencies and co-ordination in the natural phenomena around us and even in our internal systems.

But the process of change in some cases is very slow and in some cases very fast as a result of which we fail to cognize the process. The creation we see around us, the environment that envelops us, have all taken innumerable years to evolve up to this stage.

It is difficult to study and comprehend the vastness and multi-dimensional nature of the process of change, which occurs both in positive and negative ways, and also in all possible directions. In a split of second also changes do occur which are beyond our perception capacity. Lightning appears and disappears at once. In a split of second, an atom bomb explodes. Light travels three lakh kilometers in a second. We have never seen the sunlight. Only when the same is reflected on the objects and when the reflected rays fall on our eyes then only we say that we have seen the sun light.

Likewise, unbelievably fast changes occur in the universe, which is beyond our perception capacity.

Magnet attracts iron. The movement of iron is visible but the force that acts upon remains unseen. Wind blows from high pressure to low pressure areas. Movement of the wind is not visible. But when the trees are swept away, when the leaves flutter, when houses are raged to the ground creating cracking sounds, at that time we say that there is a cyclone. We usually say that the sun rises in the east. The sun sets in the west. The rising sun here is the setting sun elsewhere. The setting sun is rising sun somewhere else. In fact the sun never rises nor does it set. We experience the changes due to rotation and revolution of the earth we live in.

Again whether there is light or darkness we can cognize only by some other light. i.e the light in our eyes. We have not seen that light in our eyes even though it enables us to see every thing. The sky appears blue. The rope appears like a snake. The parallel rails look as if they have been united at a distance. What we call a plain surface will be seen to be undulated if examined by the help of a microscope. An ordinary glass or crystal appears like a piece of diamond. Thus so many deceptive appearances keep on puzzling our mind.

It is only the white colour that creates the spectrum of seven colours and makes this creation appear colourful. In the process of change or modification some colours are absorbed and some colours are reflected.

Be it the process of photo-synthesis, or blood circulation system, be it the respiratory system or digestive system, be it the solar system or an atomic structure, every thing is a product of change and therefore contains within it the process of change. In other words, the process is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of every thing that we come across.

Our coming across variety of objects and even all our imagination thereof are but parts of that process of change. All sorts of transformations of energy become possible only due to the ever-existent process of change. Changes do occur every moment. During this process, we come across various forms and qualities. We come across ourselves too. We are all products a complex process of change. Change takes place within us and around us always. Things appear to exist because change has made them so. Some one writes or speaks. Some one listens or observes. Some one introspects or contemplates. These activities become possible because of the underlying process of change.

It would not have been possible to read, had there been no change. The generation of ideas and imaginations is also a change. An idea fading into oblivion is also a change. Remembering and forgetting are also results of change. We move the pen to write one letter after another, words after words. Here also the process of change is very much involved. Changelessness is a state when every thing will come to a stand still position i.e. without any motion or vibration, without any flow or flutter. In absence of change, our lips would not quiver. Our jaws would not move, tongue would remain tied, muscle would remain tight, our eyelids would not wink, our eyeballs would not slide and as a result, we would be as speechless and motionless as statues. The planets would not move in their orbits. Day and night would not be possible, as there would not be any rotation. Seasonal changes would not be possible, as there would not be any revolution. There would have been no sun, not even the earth. Light would lose its speed. Air would be motionless. The Sun is nothing but a mass of burning hydrogen gas. Every moment, fresh hydrogen gushes into the burning process and it goes on like that. In other words, the sun is also a product of change. The entire universe is a product of change. The process of change is a self-propelled mechanism. It is all-embracing. It changes every thing but the theory of change remains unchanged. That is the Law of Eternity.

Every thing comes into being only because there is an incessant self-generated process of change. The aboriginal man would have been taken aback when his cottage was swept away by an invisible gush of wind. When a sudden fire in the jungle had burnt his belongings to ashes, he must have fled away with awe and harboured in his mind a barrage of unsolved questions. When he had seen for the first time a dark patch of cloud tarnishing the clear blue canopy of heaven, he would have stared at the same, misconstruing it as an ominous sign. Thereafter a torrential shower would have drenched him as well as his belongings. With the change of seasons, while experiencing biting cold in the wintry night, he would not have found any answer to the cause of his shivering. The scorching rays of the summer sun must have parched him. He would have frantically tried to find out who had been creating all such mischief for him. He would have been disappointed not being able to see the invisible hands behind all such happenings. After sunset, he would have experienced darkness, pervading the whole region. He would have probably felt as if he had lost his eyesight. Further, once a tender child, he became a vibrant youth and now he is old and weak with his limbs emaciated. When he would have seen a dead body for the first time, he would have wondered how the consciousness stealthily passed away for some unknown destination leaving the body still and stale. He must have pondered over but failed to trace out the reasons for such changes triggering the process of creation, preservation and destruction.

The sages say that He, who has created all these forms and qualities, is named as Brahmaa. After the creation, the created things remain for some time. The sustaining power is called Vishnu. In other words, Vishnu is the preserver or protector. For example, a tree remains for a certain period. Man survives from birth to death. For his survival, he requires many essential things like air, water, food etc. He, who arranges and organises all these, is called Vishnu. Every created object, plant or human being is subjected to an end called death. Trees wither away. All living things die out. He who causes this process of death is known as Maheshwar. In other words, creation, preservation, and destruction are possible because of three Godheads, namely Brahmaa, Vishnu and Maheshwar.

Who has created all these?

Who is sustaining all these?

The answer comes, "Ishwar (Lord) is doing all these". Different religions admit of such powers, which are named differently. Generally He is known as God. The term God can be expanded as Generation, Operation and Destruction. (G-O-D).

Matter is transformed into energy. Energy is transformed into matters. Various forms of matters are created through a process of chain reactions according to different properties latent in different matters and their inherent combining capacities, resulting in innumerable physical and chemical changes, further creating new substances, new properties, new effects, new environments, new actions and new reactions, ever changing in a continuous process of evolution to continuously create products with new patterns and new designs, new arrangements and new organisations. Thus every moment a renewed universe or a better universe comes into being. This dynamism shall cease when a realiser attains a final equilibrium.

Three important aspects of change are creation, preservation and destruction.

Without change how can there be creation? How can there be preservation? How can there be destruction?

Whether change is an effect?

If so, what may be the causal factor behind the change?

In other words, whether change is self- propelled or is impelled by some other driving background force? If change is caused, what is its cause? Who is its architect?

It is a well-known fact that matter becomes energy and energy becomes matter. But a question still remains to be answered.

Whom does this power of causing such transformations belong to?

Whether the power is inherent in matter?

Whether the power is inherent in energy?

Who initiates the process of change and what for?

Who directs, organises, or regulates the process of change?

It's not easy to find a solution. Various religions ascribe this causal factor to another power called GOD and not to matter or energy.

It is to be admitted that there is a background power behind the process of change in course of which different products appear before us. We ourselves are also products of such a process. Without that causal power, all these effects would not have been possible.

Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun emphatically affirms the existence of an independent and omnipotent entity. According to him, He who causes the process of change Himself remains unchanged. In other words, He is a changeless entity but is the sole governor of all changes. It is our first and foremost duty to know Him since He is responsible for our appearance, sustenance and disappearance in this creation. The creation, in turn, owes its origin to Him.

The scientific man perceives the changes. He comes into being through the process of change. He enjoys the changes. He is afflicted by the changes. He passes away. It is a change. Even after he passes away, the process of change continues unabated just as the process was continuing before he was born.

But unfortunately, man does not want to know the eternal maker of all these eternal changes. If he could witness the ceaseless process of change in and around himself, probably he could have unravelled the mystery of the creation and solved many unsolved questions. If he would deeply contemplate on the process of change, his faith on the existence of a supreme power would be strengthened. He would have strong conviction on the great powers and potency of the supreme power. The more a man is ignorant of this process of change, the more he would be subjected to sufferings and be afflicted by the effects of change.

Dibya Darshan therefore focuses on the process of change so that man can tide over the effects of changes by acquiring knowledge on the changeable phenomena. This is the surest way to peace and happiness.

The moment he starts his enquiry into the process of change, he would start getting peace and happiness. A time will come when he would perfectly understand the process of change. At that time, God's Greatness will no longer remain for him a matter of round-eyed wonder or a dizzying question mark. Rather a pure and uncontaminated sense of love towards God will dawn upon Him. He will be thoroughly engrossed in that superb thought and realise the goodness of God and attain the blissful state to get ultimately immerged with Him.

Process of Change: Its greatness and significance.

  • The process of change gives rise to various forms and qualities. Without this process, there would have been neither forms nor qualities.
  • The process of change gradually leads all of us to our origin ultimately.
  • Various experiences are also the effects of this process of change.
  • Due to the process of change, it becomes possible for all of us to march onward from ignorance to knowledge ultimately to know the invisible supreme power that remains unchanged as the substratum of the process of change. We name that invisible power as God, Ishwar etc.
  • His Lila or play takes place through the process of change. His play only makes us realise His significance and greatness.
  • If there is any strong proof for God's existence, it is the process of change. Had there been no change there would have been neither this creation nor we. Therefore the question of realisation, freedom or bondage would not have arisen. The creation, our realisation and we- all these are but the products of that grand process of change.

Atman is characterised by changelessness. Atman is Self. Whatever appears to change can be, for the purpose of understanding, categorised as non-self (Apara). The latter is nothing but the inherent qualities or power of the former.

In reality, self- consciousness is all-pervasive. There is nothing outside the kingdom of self. There is nothing other than the self. The self and the so- called non-self are one and the same. All changes are therefore apparent and not real when viewed from transcendental aspect. The process of change, which appears real, is a lower truth that leads us to the Supreme Truth i.e. the changeless eternal self-consciousness. Ultimately, all apparent imbalances, imperfections and disequilibriums disappear and it is only a homogeneous, all pervasive pure consciousness or perfect equilibrium which remains and reigns supreme in complete silence blissfully and eternally.